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The 4 Best Apps for Tipping and Splitting the Bill

Handling the check at the end of dinner can be a struggle. Let these apps help you both tip and split the bill without the headache.

Everyone has been in this situation before. You grab dinner with a few friends, everyone orders a delicious meal, has a few drinks, and when the bill comes, you all sheepishly look around the table until that one friend offers to calculate the tip and split the total in his or her head. This process often leads to errors and causes people to pay either too much or too little.

If you no longer want to deal with this headache when out to eat with your friends, your Android can relieve the pain. While there are plenty of tipping and bill-splitting apps out there, here are the four best apps to get you started.

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  1. Fast Tip Calculator

This highly rated app helps you calculate the tip on any amount with its option to indicate your usual percentage automatically. The layout is sleek and simple, with a feature that allows you to calculate the tip with or without the tax included. It also includes the ability to split the bill when eating with multiple people. You don’t have to worry about pop-up ads or in-app purchases distracting you, either; this app is ad-free.

  1. Tip n Split

This free app focuses more on splitting the bill. Its easy-to-handle interface clearly lists the pre- and post-tip totals and calculates how much everyone is paying at the bottom. It also updates in real-time if you change one of the totals. If you round the bill up, the rest of the costs will change accordingly. As a bonus perk, the app includes a global guide to tipping for when you’re traveling to a foreign country. If you’re unfamiliar with the tipping etiquette, you can look it up before you pay.

  1. Tip Me

Of course, Tip Me calculates your tip and splits the bill in real-time and has the same features as the other apps, including setting your tip percentage beforehand. However, this app brings some style to your tipping. The interface reads like a real-life paper bill that you can customize from four different font style options.

  1. Splitwise

Need to manage household bills among a few roommates, or need help on how to best split a group vacation? Splitwise not only splits up how much everyone should pay, but keeps tabs on your finances, spending, and bill management with both in-app and email reminders. Instead of nagging your friends to pay you back, or vice versa, this app will do the dirty work for you.