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4 Classic Card Game Apps for Your Android

Card games are an entertaining way to pass the time. With so many available, we narrowed down four tried-and-true game apps that you can play anywhere.

Playing cards are a quintessential entertainment tool, whether it’s blackjack in a Vegas casino or gin rummy on a beach. One of the advantages of having card apps on your phone is that you will never lose your set of cards, there are hundreds of games available, and you can look up any rules in case of a dispute during friendly competition.


Say goodbye to half a dozen different card apps clogging your screen. CardShark is an all-inclusive card app, with a laundry list of games to satisfy everyone’s favorite deck game. Features of this app include right/left hand adjustments and game stats. This top-rated app is $2.99 for the advanced version, but a Lite app is also available for free.

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Live Hold’em Pro Poker Games

This is a prime choice for avid poker fans, or those that have a desire to learn the game. Live Hold’em Poker Pro has a litany of options for multiplayer gaming, free tournaments, and other similarities to real Vegas tables. Although this app does not allow for actual money to be exchanged, there are similar role-playing aspects of real gambling that make the experience real and enjoyable. To raise the stakes and play with cash, check out the World Series of Poker app to challenge other people and win big.


The most classic of card games, Solitaire was probably on your first-ever cell phone. There are many variations of Solitaire app to choose from, and we recommend the free app from TaoGames Limited, which is free and available for Android 4.0.3 and up.

UNO™ & Friends

As a nice change from the traditional 52-card deck, UNO can be played individually or on teams with your friends who also have the app. There are even special level-ups and strategical features to enhance your experience. This version lets you play with real money as well, through a credit card that is activated through your Google Play account.

Never Gamble On Phone Security

There is natural precaution for to any app that handles your personal information, especially the financial kind, and PSafe Total is there for the security of your gaming experience. Let Advanced Protection guard against unwanted third parties while you exchange real currency with other gamers, and a Game Booster feature will close out open apps and other background features for optimal playing.