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4 Parental Control Android Apps Every Parent Needs

Before long your kids will be more tech savvy than you are. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t protect them from things they shouldn’t be seeing online.

Whether we want them to or not, kids are growing up online. They want to play games, need to do research for school, and are asking for smartphones earlier than ever. Certainly, there are lots of benefits to giving kids smartphones — they’re a way to reach you more easily, have GPS tracking enabled, and afford children access to new information. But you also want to keep your kids safe from being overexposed to some of the seedier sides of the Internet. These four parental control Android apps will help you do just that:

1. Net Nanny Social

Net Nanny Social gives you the control to monitor what your children are doing on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Using your online dashboard, you get flags of anything that looks like risky behavior online, as well as updates about your child’s friends and posted photos. The app also tracks what your child is doing on social networks across all of their devices.

2. KuuKla Parental Control

KuuKla lets you set time restrictions for individual apps on your child’s smartphone. Parents set weekly time limits that kids can spend on each app, and when kids reach their time limits, the app is automatically restricted.

3. Screen Time Parental Control App

Like KuuKla, Screen Time lets you manage the amount of time your kids spend online. Specifically, it lets you create restrictions for particular apps while your kids are in school or should be sleeping. It also lets you create checklists for what kids need to complete — homework, chores — and then reward them with extra screen time when they’ve finished these obligations.

4. Kids Place

Kids Place stops your kids from downloading any new apps without your approval. Specifically, the home screen will only display the apps that you’ve approved for your kids’ use. This app is particularly useful if you let your kids play on your phone because you can enable and disable the Kids Place app. When it’s running, your kids can’t call or text any of your contacts.

Keeping your kids safe from seeing all of the nasty corners of the Internet isn’t always easy. But keeping their Android phones safe from malicious attacks and viruses is. Download PSafe Total to provide free Internet protection for all of your Windows and Android devices.