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Here Are 4 Ways That Your Phone Can Overheat

When smartphones overheat, it can cause damage to the device that you invested so much money into.

One of the biggest ways people cause their phones to overheat is by running way too many applications on their device at once. Multitasking is one thing, but there’s no reason that a dozen apps should be open and operating at once. Consider cutting down the app usage to only what you need. The easiest way to do this is by using the CPU Cooler feature. This not only helps close unused and battery-hogging apps at the touch of a button, but it also helps to decrease the overall temperature in order to prevent damage to your device. All of this will help your device to run more efficiently. Click here to use the DFNDR’s CPU Cooler on your device now:

Overcharging Your Phone

The most common way that a smartphone will overheat, however, is when people charge their phone for too long. It might sound simple — and it might not get the phone to temperatures that will cause it to explode — but it still happens to many phones on a regular basis. Think about it: we all plug in our phones when we go to bed, and they’re obviously going to be fully charged far sooner than when we wake up in the morning.

Phones get hotter than they’re supposed to when they are still plugged in after reaching 100%. Unfortunately, this happens to mobile devices all the time. It’s best to unplug phones when they’re near or at 100%. If your phone is at 95% before you go to bed, consider putting it on airplane mode to save your battery, and just charging it for twenty minutes while you get ready in the morning.

Playing Power-Draining Games

Another way people cause their phones to overheat is by playing games that demand a lot of processing power. Normally, it will be right near the limitations of your phone’s processor — or in some cases, even surpassing what your phone is capable of running. If your phone starts to get warm while you’re playing a game, then you may want to stop playing that game or consider upgrading your device.

Watching Too Many Videos

Another way people cause their devices to overheat is by watching videos for hours at a time. We may love to watch videos, but we need to give our phones a break every now and then. If you have multiple devices, consider switching it up when possible or taking a break from the screen all together.