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5 Apps To Enhance Your Instagram Game

5 Apps To Enhance Your Instagram Game

No one on Instagram wants to look like everyone else. With these apps, your profile is bound to stand out from the crowd

Is your Instagram feeling stale? Have you been losing followers? Perhaps you’re even feeling a tinge of envy toward your friend’s feeds? Never fear! We’ve found the coolest instagram apps to boost your image available for Android devices!

1. Boomerang

Ever seen a GIF on your feed and wished you could create something that cool? Boomerang makes the process easy and fun. All you have to do is record a short video of everyday moments. Boomerang will loop the video and format it so it’s perfect and ready for posting. You can even post the video onto Facebook and Instagram directly from the app. No sign up. No account. No fees. That wave rolling on the shore will look much better with Boomerang.

2. A Color Story

Sometimes the default filters on Instagram can’t quite make your selfie or expresso photos vibrant or distinguished. A Color Story is the perfect solution to those feelings of photo inadequacy. This app takes your photo and focusses on colors that make your photo stand out. It highlights them for you and then offers different filters for additional edits. Unlike the instagram app, A Color Story allows you to combine filters and save previous edits to make sure that you do not lose any effects on the finished project.

3. Font Studio

Sometimes when posting a photo, you might feel like a caption would look better on top instead of at the bottom. Font Studio allows you to add typography directly onto your image. The app has over 120 fonts, with even more available to download based on your location! You can rotate, shrink and enlarge the text directly on the screen, and can add multiple layers and designs. It even comes with photo editing tools like contrast, blur and saturation to allow you to choose the focus of your photo. Writing is not your thing? The app also includes over 400 stickers, specifically word art and cartoons.

4. A Beautiful Mess

Like doodling? If so, A Beautiful Mess is the app for you. This program allows you to add popular doodles from Elsie and Emma, the two founders of the award winning blog “A Beautiful Mess”, directly onto your photos. In addition, the app is perfect for collaging and layering, and allows for direct publication on Facebook or Instagram.


The SKRWT app has been gaining a lot of publicity, and it’s easy to see why. Do you have photos taken in landscape formatting unfit for the Instagram app? SKRWT corrects all distortions with one swipe. Are blurry lenses an issue for you? SKRWT can fix that with its lens correction tool. These features have made SKRWT one of the “Best Apps in 2014,” declared by the App Store as well as the 5 Can’t-Miss iPhone Apps by Time.Com.

These apps will push your Instagram over the edge. Happy snapping!