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5 Apps You'll Need for the Beach This Summer

5 Apps You’ll Need for the Beach This Summer

Heading to the beach this summer? Make sure you seize the day, and make some waves with these handy apps!

Summer has finally arrived, which means it’s time to hit the beach! Before you load up your beach chairs, and surfboards make shore you’ve downloaded these top apps!

1. Dermosil Care Guide

Soaking up the sun is one of the best parts of a beach trip, but no one wants to come home looking like a lobster! Download Dermosil Care Guide to ensure your skin stays properly protected from the sun. This app provides up-to-date UV indexes, and weather information on your current location, provides SPF recommendations, and offers tips to help you avoid sunburns based on skin type.

2. Tides Near Me

There is nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect sandy spot for your blanket, only to have the rising tide force you back. Avoid this problem once and for all with Tides Near Me, a helpful tide tracker app. The app tells you when the high and low tides are coming so you can plan your beach spot, and swimming times accordingly.

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3. Swim Guide

Ocean water, while refreshing and fun, is not always clean. Download Swim Guide to make sure the water at your beach is clean enough to be deemed safe for swimming. Simply find your beach on the map, and see if it’s marked with a green or red icon. If it’s green, grab your swim suit! If it’s red, maybe stick with sand castle building today.

4. Surfline Surf Report

If surfing is your thing, you know better than anyone that good surfing is contingent on good wave conditions. Never be left guessing again with Surfline Surf Report. Download this app for the most up-to-date information on wave height, winds, and swells. You can even watch live streams of over 180 surf breaks.

5. Spotify

What’s a beach trip without some good music? Whether you enjoy running along the shore, playing in the sand with the kids, or mastering the art of lounge chair napping, Spotify has a playlist that can enhance your beach experience. Don’t see anything you like? Simply choose from over 20 million songs to create your own beach playlist!

Ready for Some Vitamin Sea?

Be sure to plan ahead, and download these apps before you head to the beach. Water, sand, and heat are not friends of your Android phone. Keep it in a safe, protected space, whether that be in your beach bag, or on your blanket, and whatever you do — don’t have it in your pocket when you head to the water!