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5 of the Best Arcade Games Available on Android

5 of the Best Arcade Games Available on Android

When you’re finally over all of the latest game obsessions, settle in for a Throwback Thursday and try out these favorite arcade games.

Tired of the Pokemon GO craze? Do you need to recover from your wrestling match with your neighbor over the legendary Pokemon across the street? Luckily, there are several alternatives that will allow you to play a game that won’t flood your newsfeed on social media.

Hungry Shark Evolution

Move your way up the food chain with one of the ocean’s deadliest creatures in Hungry Shark Evolution. Similar to Feeding Frenzy, the player starts out as a small sea critter and eats their way up the food chain. While you start out a small shark in a large ocean, the tables quickly turn as you consume multitudes of prey and grow into one of the fiercest predators in the ocean. Progressing through the game grants you access to bigger and faster sharks, including a Great White Shark.

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Sonic Dash

Your favorite hedgehog is back and faster than ever in this Sega classic. Similar to Temple Run, the objective of this game is to run as far as possible without getting caught by your enemies. The more consecutive days you play, the better your rewards get from your daily challenges. You also get fun challenges that you can complete for rewards that will help you in the game.

Stupid Zombies

Not only are these zombies stupid, they’re non aggressive and don’t even move. But, they’re zombies, so I guess it’s cool to kill them. In this game, you stand still as a shooter and you are given a certain amount of bullets for each round. Strategically ricochet your bullets off the walls to strike the zombies. You can also use boxes and explosives to help aid your massacre of the undead.

Ant Smasher

It’s ant season again. The most annoying insects on the planet are back to invade your kitchen. Get revenge on those savages with Ant Smasher. Crush the army of ants with your finger as they attempt to cross the screen. Allowing an ant to pass makes you lose a life. Also, smashing a bee stings you, resulting in the end of the game.


For the gaming purist. 36 years later, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde still have it in for poor old Pac-Man. Nothing has changed — scurry around that awkward maze while the four ghosts attempt to ambush you. This app has newer maps with unique themes and colors that weren’t included in the arcade game. You can also join tournaments with other players who have the app.