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5 Fast Ways to Boost Your Phone’s Speed Quickly

Stuck with a phone that’s slow? Here are some tips and tricks to free up RAM memory and battle a sluggish phone.

You don’t have to spend two weeks eliminating old photos and videos in order to boost your phone’s speed as there are apps that do the work for you. If your mobile device has been lagging for a while now, it might be time to get rid of all the dead weight in order to improve its functionality. Many believe that they need to replace their device when it slows down, but a thorough cleansing works just as well.

There are many ways your device’s software may be eating at its memory and our dfndr’s performance app offers one fix for this problem.

The Ultimate ‘App Manager’
You may be running multiple apps that no longer suit you without even knowing that could be slowing down your device. Think about–mobile apps nowadays are packed with data that can slow down your RAM memory, including videos, images, chats, and games.

An App Manager shows you just how much space each app is taking up, allowing you to delete any old ones in one screen. All it takes is one click to eliminate an app and all the data attached to it.

A Facebook Messenger Deep-Clean
There’s plenty of information that is transmitted through Facebook’s Messenger app, which you’re probably using on a daily basis to connect with friends and family. However, there’s a plethora of videos, images and other media files in every conversation that is saved on your phone, taking a bite off your processing power.

A ‘Facebook Messenger Cleaner’ examines every old file shared on the app and gives you the hassle-free option of deleting some and keeping others in order to increase your device’s storage capabilities.

Maximize Your RAM Power
You may be running multiple apps at once without even knowing it and hoping for an easy fix to ramp up your device’s functionality. Memory Booster helps you examine how many apps are running at once and close the ones you’re not using at the moment, while also reducing the chances of a crash or freeze screen.

Stick to a Static Background
Moving backgrounds look great, but they often slow down your phone’s processing power. A solid, static image will ensure that your device operates faster, while reducing the number of widgets on your screen to your most-used apps will keep your phone operating smoothly.

Go Ahead, Update Your Phone
This is a no-brainer but we often fail to update our devices to the latest operating system. The companies behind OS technology are often troubleshooting and eliminating bugs on the latest OS. Plus, your phone’s hardware and apps will often operate better with the most recent technology.