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5 Great Travel Apps For Vacationing in July

The dog days of summer are here, which means it’s the perfect time of the year to get out of the office and off on a getaway

Stuck at home scrolling through a newsfeed of travel pictures? Tired of watching friends’ countless snapstories of adventures away from home. Well, your Android phone can make your travel dream into a reality. Our favorite travel apps will have you packing your bags in no time.

1. Hipmunk

The Hipmunk app takes flight comparison to a whole new level. Instead of just showing you the cheapest flight, which usually is at an airport three hours away with two layovers, it sorts by its own category, “agony,” which takes accounts for flight duration, layovers and price giving you not only the cheapest option, but the most convenient option too. In addition, Hipmunk will do the same with hotels and show the lodgings with the cheapest rate and best location in terms of food, landmarks, nightlife and more.

2. Sky Scanner

Undecided on which beautiful destination you should visit first? Sky Scanner is the perfect app for that. By clicking the ‘Everywhere’ option, Sky Scanner will list all of the best deals in flights to countries around the world. Got a location in mind, but unsure when to go? Sky Scanner has a calendar option that highlights the best days and months to travel so you know you are getting the best deal around.

3. HERE Maps

Traveling around any busy city can be tricky and expensive. HERE Maps makes the transition seamless. For those who prefer driving, HERE map offers turn-by-turn voice guidance, which will also inform you of any specific speed limit restrictions. Lots of traffic? HERE Maps includes public transit routes for over 900 cities, including timetables and full directions from start to end. Scared of your Data bill? Not an issue, as app has maps available to download, so offline use is possible and easy.

4. Expensify

Scared you’ll overspend on vacation? Expensify makes keeping track of all expenses doable to keep your attention on what matters most, the sites. Expensify is quick and easy, just take a picture of each receipt, and the app will record the expense. Lost the receipt? Expensify can import your credit card transactions. In addition, the app will also send alerts if your trip is becoming too pricy, to make sure you stay on budget and sane.

5. Gas Buddy

If road tripping is more your style, Gas Buddy is a must have. Even with today’s lower gas prices, gas can still be one of the biggest expenses in your trip, and saving 20 cents a gallon can mean more money in your pocket to enjoy your destination. With one tap you can find the cheapest gas station near you. But it gets better. Gas Buddy rewards you for inputting the price of any gas station you see on your trip. By reporting gas prices you can earn rewards and even win $100 dollars in gas credit!

Hasta La Vista!

Now there is no excuse not to book that hotel. Now you’ll have the snapstory that everyone is jealous of.