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The 5 Most Helpful Android Apps for Dog Owners

Want to keep your best buddy happy? Whether it’s your dog’s health, fitness, or location, these apps can keep track of it all

Dogs make for great companions, and are a warm addition to any home or family. They also require tons of attention, and care. To make sure your pooch is happy and healthy, try out these Android apps:

1. Wag! 

Do you have a busy schedule that prevents you from giving your dog the care he or she deserves? Give this handy app a try! Wag! is essentially Uber for dog walkers. Track your pup’s walk live via the app’s GPS map, and receive a detailed report card on your dog’s walk upon completion. Walkers are carefully vetted, so whether you need a hand on short notice, or on the regular, Wag! has your back.

2. Whistle

The most devastating news a pet owner can receive is discovering their four-legged friend is missing. Whistle is designed to relieve that anxiety. This app connects to a Whistle GPS tracking device that goes on your pet’s collar, giving you real-time data on your pet’s whereabouts. Customize safe zones on the app to alert you when your pet goes wandering, and even monitor their health through an activity tracker.

3. PetCoach 

Not all of us are veterinarians, or can tell if something is wrong with our pets. Fortunately, PetCoach gives you immediate access to certified US pet health experts. This app lets you ask a vet questions from just about anywhere, and offers handy tips for everything, from potty training your puppy to getting the cat to stop scratching the furniture. Consider this free app your owner’s handbook, no matter what kind of pet you own.

4. AllPaws 

Let’s say you’re interested in adopting a dog, but don’t know where to look. With AllPaws, you can start your search right on your Android smartphone. The site, and app operate similarly to the Tinder dating app, letting you search, and swipe based on breed, size, temperament, and age to choose a dog that best suits you. With over 200,000 pups to choose from, AllPaws is great destination for prospective dog owners.

5. Walk for a Dog

Dog walking is great exercise for both you and your dog, but it can also be philanthropic. The Walk for a Dog app by WoofTrax not only tracks the distance, and time of your walk, but also donates to animal shelters across the United States. Over 5 million walks have been taken for this app, providing funds for over 6,000 shelters across the country.

Who Let the Dogs Out!

These apps are a great help when it comes to looking out for your dog’s well being, but they won’t do you any good if your phone battery is constantly wasting away. Download PowerPRO, and make sure your phone battery can keep up with you, and your special friend.