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5 On­Demand Smartphone Apps to Make Your Life Easier

On the go and pressed for time? These personal service apps will streamline your life in everything from transportation to food to doctor visits.

Sure, you can use the most powerful personal computing device in the history of the world (aka your smartphone) to watch funny videos of cats and get in fights with strangers online; however, you can also make it actively work for you instead of just entertaining you. Here are 5 ways that you can turn your phone into your right-hand man (phone).

1. Uber

Available in a wide variety of cities around the world, Uber is the premier alternatives to a conventional taxi service. Convenient, fast, and inexpensive, Uber drivers will come to you, get you to where you need to go, and, with your credit information on file, charge your automatically. Plus, you can track your driver’s progress coming to you as well as see the driver’s photo ahead of time. In some areas, handicap accessible vehicles are available as well as larger vehicles for groups.

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2. Postmates

Want the meal of your choice but don’t feel like getting out? Or are you on the road and want food delivered to your hotel room without having to scroll through a million different web pages, one by one, on your phone? Postmates will deliver from any restaurant or store in their network — everything from Starbucks and Chipotle to local restaurants — in under an hour.

3. DoorDash

Similar to Postmates, DoorDash not only quickly brings a fresh meal to you, it also allows you to search and sort using different filters such as best price, quickest delivery time, and local food options. Plus, you can track your order on your phone as it makes its way to you, typically in under an hour.

4. Blue Apron

Instead of bringing prepared meals to you, Blue Apron ships you all the ingredients — along with detailed recipes with step-by-step color photos — to make your own home-cooked meat, fish, or vegetarian dinners. Meal options include sage-butter pork chops with roasted broccoli and citrusy potato salad, salmon with fennel and cauliflower steak, and Southwestern black bean chili with cheddar and sour cream. Available weekly plans include cooking for two or an entire family.

5. Doctor On Demand

Can’t make it to the doctor’s office or just don’t want to endure the wait? Doctor On Demand allows you to input all your information and then have a 15-minute audio/video consultation for $40. It’s even covered by some major insurance plans. All doctors are board-certified and have the ability to prescribe medications as needed.

Remember: work smart while your phone works hard; that’ll give you more time to watch cat videos. When you download PSafe Total, in almost no time at all, your Android smartphone will perform like the best personal assistant you have always wanted!