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6 Android Apps to Help You Stay Organized

Here are some apps that can help you stay organized at work, in school, and as you go through everyday life

1. Evernote

Evernote can serve as your go-to app for all organizational tasks. It allows you to take notes in various formats, including text, photo, audio, video, sketches, and web clippings. Evernote is perfect for creating to-do lists to keep track of everyday activities or your many tasks at work. It also allows you to seamlessly share your ideas with others, which is perfect for working environments.

You can create a presentation and then immediately share it with your colleagues for collaboration. Students can make use of Evernote as well, as it’s ideal for annotating drafts, taking notes, and sharing ideas with peers. Evernote also offers an extension for your desktop.

2. Google Calendar

The Google Calendar app saves you time by automatically adding events in your Gmail account, such as restaurant reservations and concerts, to a calendar on your phone. It also collaborates with any other calendars on your phone so that all of your events are saved in once spot. If you have any daily or weekly goals, you can prompt Google Calendar to automatically schedule them.

3. MyLifeOrganized

Another versatile app, MyLifeOrganized is perfect for organizing both work tasks and everyday activities. When you enter a task, MyLifeOrganized lets you divide it into branches and focus on each one separately if you desire. It allows you to flag priority tasks and sends you reminders when due dates or events are set to arrive.

4. Google Keep

Google Keep captures your ideas and saves them for later or shares them with friends and family, depending on your preference. Perhaps one of Google Keep’s most interesting features is that it lets you set reminders based on location. That is, if you need to remember to buy toothpaste at the nearby pharmacy, your phone will send you a notification when you walk by it.

5. Tripit

This app gets more specific — it’s designed to manage all of your travel details. Tripit takes all of your travel plans, like hotel reservations, flight reservations, and daily sightseeing itinerary and merges it into one schedule, ensuring that your trip runs smoothly. For the avid traveler, Tripit is a necessity.

6. Planner Pro-Personal Organizer

Planner Pro-Personal Organizer allows you to easily keep track of events and create projects with up to 25 priorities. The app also provides a unique system through which you can mark tasks with five different statuses that denote your progress.