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5 Ways to Keep Up Your Battery Life in Heat

Take these steps to prevent overheating and battery damage of your Android phone.

While Androids are designed to operate within a temperature range of 32 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, many devices will experience side effects related to heat before reaching the upper-temperature limit. Due to a combination of sun exposure, battery-intensive applications, and trapped heat, smartphones are prone to overheating in the hot months, a tendency which can noticeably affect your phone’s battery life. Click here to use total charge to further protect your battery life:

BOTAO_EN_total_charge_02 (2)

This feature monitors the status of your battery throughout charging, which helps to prevent overcharging and battery damage. Instead of overlooking the permanent damage to battery life that can be caused by overheating, consider the following tips for protecting and preserving your smartphone battery.

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  1. Avoid Processor-Intensive Games

By actively avoiding applications that are processor- or screen-intensive during hot months, you can significantly reduce the chance of your phone overheating. Often times, playing games, watching videos, or utilizing satellite navigation can overwork a smartphone battery. Instead, save these complex processes for later if possible or use sparingly.

  1. Remove Your Phone from the Case

Although the thought of going caseless can be frightening, removing the case from your phone can go a long way for preventing overheating. Plastic and leather cases can trap heat emitted from the device or from the surrounding atmosphere. This trapped heat prevents smartphones from cooling down, which contributes to limited battery life.

  1. Dim the Screen

Keeping your Android’s screen brightness at high levels is another major contributor to decreased battery life and unhealthy overheating, particularly with larger phone screens. While it may be tempting to turn the brightness up on sunny days, doing so will only exacerbate battery deterioration. Instead, consider purchasing a glare screen, an affordable accessory that will allow you to avoid summer glare without sacrificing battery life.

  1. Cool Down Slowly

While it may seem like a smart idea to place your device inside a fridge, please don’t! This approach can pose even more of a danger to your electronics, causing condensation within the phone to become trapped, which can easily cause damage down the road.

  1. Keep Your Phone in Shade

While this particular piece of advice may seem intuitive, simply moving your Android from direct sun to an overcast location can be a lifesaver for your battery. The single most common drain on smartphones, alongside running intensive applications, is keeping the phone in direct sunlight. While it may be convenient to keep your device within arm’s reach, devices will collect and retain heat to the detriment of battery life.