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6 of the Absolute Best Android Apps for Animal Lovers

With tons of apps out there revolving around the love of animals, it can be hard to know where to start! Here are six of the best apps out there.

It’s no secret that photos of adorable puppies and kittens rule the internet. Everyone loves to take a break from the stress in their lives to laugh at the antics of their furry little friends. It makes sense that app developers have jumped on the bandwagon to deliver a whole host of ways to continue to keep the cuteness coming on your phone. But with the plethora of apps out there, which ones should you choose first? Here are six of the best Android apps for animal lovers:

  • ASPCS’s Pet Safety App. This free app lets you store and manage your furry family member’s medical records, teaches you how to care for pets during disasters, and helps you create “Missing Pet” posters in case your pet is lost — every owner’s worst nightmare. A must for all pet owners.
  • Daily Kitten. Not everyone who wants a pet can have one. Allergies, busy travel schedules, and long hours at work can all prevent you from owning the pet you’ve always wanted. If that describes you, consider this app, which allows you to feed, pet, and talk to your own virtual cat, anytime, anywhere.
  • MapMyDogWalk. Whether you take Fido with your everywhere and therefore need directions when you’re away from home, or you want a change of scenery in your own town, this app will help you find a good place to walk your dog.
  • Pet First Aid. Developed by the American Red Cross, this $.99 app helps you care for your pet when the inevitable disaster strikes; like when your pup develops a taste for your mochaccino.
  • Pets Next Door. Never be at a loss for cute pets to ooh and aah over. This addictive app will have you coming back for more, with hundreds of cute pet pictures added every day.
  • Rover. When you can’t be there to take care of your beloved dog, there’s Rover. Whether you’ll be gone for a couple of hours or a whole lot of days, they’ve got you covered for pet boarding, dog walking, house sitting, and doggie day care.