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The 6 Best Apps to Keep Toddlers Busy

Raising a toddler is difficult, and parents often need a moment to catch their breath. Here are a few apps that let you do that

The one thing that always captivates babies and toddlers is a bright, shiny screen with moving pictures, aka, a smartphone. Whenever I babysat growing up, kids were always reaching for my phone to look at, and it became my go-to to stop my charges from crying or throwing tantrums. Knowing this, app developers have brilliantly jumped on this trend and created a multitude of apps designed to distract little ones and give their parents a moment to breathe. Here are some of the best:

1. Ant Smasher

This game is exactly what it sounds like. The point is to try to smash as many ants with your finger on the screen as possible, while not smashing any bees. The game requires very few motor skills and rewards children with very satisfying splattering visuals and audio. It essentially allows your toddler to poke at the phone for an extended period of time.

2. Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price is responsible for all kinds of non-mobile kids entertainment games and products and it has now expanded its services to include those available on technology. The Fisher-Price app offers a variety of baby games including hide-and-seek games, nursery rhyme games, and counting games. As well as having a wide variety, the app also offers the option of multiplayer if you have a few who want to play at once.

3. Kids Animal Piano

This game combines the mechanics of a piano with the tried and true favorite for all youngsters: making animal noises. Kids Animal Piano allows your babies and toddlers to push different keys and hear a satisfying variety of animals sounds. This allows your youngster to create a musical composition that could realistically be heard in a barnyard.

4. Kids Doodle

Kids Doodle is a drawing app that specializes in bright colors and is easy to use; perfect for young kids. There are about two dozen brush options with different colors and thicknesses and every image can be saved to the device so you can preserve your young one’s masterpieces for all of eternity. The coolest part is a section called “film mode” that allows you to replay all of the different images in a video format.

5. My Talking Angela

Part of the “My Talking” series, these apps feature an animal character that children can talk to, and the character talks back. This app is simple but also involves adorable animal figures and smaller, mini games on the side that teach skills like tooth brushing.

6. Baby Scratch

This is literally a DJ app for toddlers. Kids can touch records that play children’s songs like “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and other classics, causing them to create remixes. There is an option to record your own voice or music which can then be altered as well. This app requires few motor skills and a short attention span.

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