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7 Apps to Use for Homeschooling Your Kids

There are a lot of great apps out there for homeschooling. These 7 apps are educational and helpful for homeschooled students of all ages.

If you are like most parents who homeschool your children, you are always on the lookout for useful learning tools. Sure, there are plenty of great textbooks, workbooks, videos, flashcards and websites out there, and they are all appropriate parts of your curriculum. But there are times when you are on the go, or when your student is taking advantage of promised screen-time, when it would be handy to have a list of apps that are not only educational, but also appealing enough to your child that he or she will turn to them again and again. Here are seven of the best parent-tested, kid-approved educational Android apps around.

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  1. Analogies for Kids

We all know that analogies are a key feature that college-bound students are likely to encounter on the SATs. But analogies also help introduce younger children to the basics of analytical thinking and problem solving. This app makes studying the comparisons creative and fun.

  1. Barefoot World Atlas

This is the most complete atlas app available. The interactive 3D globe is a thrilling touch.

  1. Duolingo

A repeat winner of Google Play’s “Best of the Best,” Duolingo helps students studying foreign languages practice their skills anytime, anywhere. Duolingo includes a multitude of different languages and a wide variety of learning levels.

  1. Google Earth

This app helps kids explore the universe — including the Earth’s surface and oceans, as well as the moon, planets, and stars — from the palm of their hand.

  1. Kid Weather

Useful for turning every day events into science and math lessons in a charming, interactive format. Create or follow statistical patterns, learn fun facts, and more.

  1. Math Bingo

This app turns completing math problems into a game. It appeals to the competitive nature hidden inside every student.

  1. Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

Can’t say it any better than they do: this app has “clear and simple definitions in basic American English from North America’s leading language experts. More usage examples than any other dictionary.”