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A Ranking of the Most Secure Operating Systems

Operating systems may be something we take at face value, but the security underneath is always working to keep your phone safe.

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There are a lot of great operating systems in today’s world, but there are plenty of people and businesses out there that continue using specific ones regardless of whichever operating system is currently considered the “latest and greatest.” Sometimes, people may stick with these operating systems for superficial preferences, or maybe because so much of the business is relying on how the OS is organized and set up. A lot of the time, however, PC users and beyond choose a certain operating system because of the security and other more intricate settings. Nonetheless, the following is a list of some of the most secure operating systems of all time.

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#3: Windows XP
In the right hands, XP can be a dream come true; but this tends to work both ways. It may not be the most secure operating system, but again, in the right hands, it certainly can be locked down and airtight. Windows XP gives a lot of freedom and control to users, which can allow them to create the world they need for their virtual world — for better or worse.

#2: Mac OS X
Windows users may be tempted to groan, but despite some vulnerabilities here and there, Mac OS X is actually a pretty solid operating system. Apple always creates a sandbox for users to enjoy. While this OS locks some features and controls away from users, it can sometimes be to their benefit. Some users may not want to sacrifice the control or openness they experience in the Windows environment, but if that isn’t a concern, then sleek and secure features are waiting for you.

#1: Linux
Linux is a fickle creature. There’s a lot to it, but once you figure everything out, then your imagination is the only limitation. That applies to the security features, as well. Linux is as open or as locked down as you’d like it to be, to your benefit or detriment. Users swear by Linux for plenty of great reasons, and security is certainly one of them!