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Advanced Protection: How to Increase Your Privacy on Android

A step-by-step walkthrough of Advanced Protection, to have more privacy for your Android

Today, our cell phones are used for more than making phone calls. Thanks to the popularity and increased affordability of smartphones, we can now use our phones to do almost anything: take and send photos, shop online, communicate through texting and video-chatting, play games, and more. That means that our phones now hold a lot of personal information about us. Your cellphone holds sensitive data that needs to be protected from hackers, intruders, malware and other security threats, especially if your phone is lost or stolen.

Advanced Protection and Other Features

That’s where, by providing its Advanced Protection feature, the app DFNDR comes in. This feature helps to prevent malicious people from breaking the DFNDR’s security system. It blocks thieves, hackers and viruses from disabling DFNDR and accessing your apps and media files. In addition to that, it prevents others from copying or removing any files that you have saved on your phone.

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The Advanced Protection feature offers an extra line of defense, and operates in conjunction with the app’s Applock and Anti-Theft features. The Applock feature allows you to protect apps with an additional password, a move that lets you protect your phone remotely. The Anti-Theft feature includes Remote-Lock, Remote-Wipe, and Locate options.

How to Enable Advanced Protection

To enable Advanced Protection, simply click on the button below on your mobile phone. You’ll be prompted to follow a few simple steps to activate the feature.

Advanced Protection 02

Once you enable Advanced Protection, your data will be even more secure against hackers, malicious threats and thieves. This feature is the best option for keeping your personal information safe in case of loss or theft.

Download DFNDR for Maximum Security

DFNDR has been consistently rated by the AV-Test as one of the best antivirus apps for Android in the world. The AV-Test is the leading antivirus research service in the world. It seeks to analyze various antivirus software programs to determine whether or not the programs are effective at detecting and removing the latest malware.
DFNDR app excels at detecting and removing the latest Android malware in real-time, with a performance level that’s higher than the industry’s average. In addition to the Advanced Protection, Vault, and Anti-Theft features, the app also includes Safe Browsing to protect against phishing attempts, and Cleanup options to ensure that your device is free of unnecessary files and working at the speed it should be.