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Alternative Solutions to Manually Deleting Files

Tired of manually deleting files to create storage space? If the monotony is killing you, here are some faster, easier solutions for better time management.

A lot of files can quickly accumulate on your Android — files that you intentionally added to your device, and junk files and cache that you may not know about. All of these files can cause your device to bloat, which will worsen your device’s performance and memory. In order to improve your device’s performance, you should go through all of your files and delete files that you no longer need. Use Quick Cleanup to easily delete unnecessary files from your device:

Instead of manually deleting each app’s junk files and cache, use Quick Cleanup to remove these files with one touch of a button. Quick Cleanup removes junk files, cache, and temporary files that can take up a lot of space on your phone. This will help to free up your internal memory and SD card space, and improve your phone’s overall performance. That way, you’ll have more room on your phone for the files that you’re actually using.

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Quickly Remove Duplicate Photos

If you take a lot of photos — think selfies, food shots, and travel photos — then you might have a lot of repeated photos that are taking up unnecessary space on your phone. It can take a lot of time to go through all of those photos and delete useless duplicates. Why waste your time? Use DFNDR’s Duplicate Photos feature to quickly identify and remove repeated photos:

Remove Duplicate Photos02
All you need to do is review the repeated photos that Duplicate Photos finds, and select which ones you want to remove from your phone. Doing so will free up space on your device, so that you have more room for new photos and files.

Delete Old WhatsApp Files

Social networking apps are a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, but they can also quickly collect a lot of useless files that can negatively affect your device’s performance. It’s exciting whenever WhatsApp releases a new feature, such as GIF sharing. But if you use a lot of GIFs when communicating with your friends, all of those images can quickly add up and slow down your device. Add to this all of the voice messages, videos, and photos that WhatsApp stores — files that you no longer need, but that are saved on the app regardless.

DFNDR’s WhatsApp Cleaner can quickly remove these old, unnecessary files from your device. This will free up storage space and further improve your device’s performance. You’ll be able to see, specifically, how much space you’ll be saving on your phone by removing these files. Click here to get started:

WhatsApp Gifs Remove