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America’s Internet Attacked by Massive DDoS

Large DDoS attack causes huge outages across the United States.

Today a DDoS attack took out a major piece of Internet infrastructure in America and Europe. Hackers were able to compromise the security of several smartphones and computers in order to escalate their attack.

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Sites affected include Netflix, Spotify, Airbnb, Soundcloud Twitter and Github. DDoS or denial-of-service attack occurs whenever a hacker floods servers that run select internet traffic until it collapses under the load. This attack is sophisticated enough to become more harmful and take over core internet infrastructure providers.

Emilio Simoni, PSafe’s Senior Security Researcher, confirms that for doing an attack such as this, it was necessary for many “zombie” computers and devices to be infected by a malware. “It created a big Botnet (device’s network controlled by a hacker for a specific goal).

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