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Malware Disguises Itself as Super Mario Run

Be sure to stay clear of firmware updates and third-party sites promising to deliver games that are not yet available on Google Play.

Android users and game enthusiasts, beware: cyber criminals are disguising Trojan malware as the much beloved and popular Super Mario Run game, putting users’ banking, credit cards, and social media apps at risk of being hacked. Much like past attempts to install information-stealing malware on devices prior to the release of Pokemon Go, this most recent attack targets Android users looking to download the popular Super Mario Run game on their Android devices from third-party sites. For that reason, we recommend you download apps only from the official Google Play store and click below immediately to scan your device for malware.

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The Marcher malware works by posing either as a firmware update for Android users, prompting them to enter sensitive bank details in a fake login page for online banking, or, as utilized by this most recent attack, as ad promotions on various websites prompting Android users to “download” Super Mario Run.

Once downloaded, the malicious app prompts users to submit credit card information in an overlay page, then claims various permissions, including access as an administrator for the device. When the malware has permission over the device, it can then steal log-in data from your banking apps, such as credit card information and routing numbers, and other apps containing sensitive personal information. The hackers can also access apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Gmail, and the Google Play store to carry out additional fraud.

PSafe’s security team alerts that Android gamers can only download Super Mario Run on the official Google Play store. “To keep your data safe from hackers, it’s important to avoid downloading apps from unofficial sources and use an effective antivirus app. DFNDR, for example, regularly scans the cellphone, preventing from hacking” says Emilio Simoni, security manager at PSafe.

Nintendo released the Super Mario Run mobile game for iOS device, it but didn’t make it available for Android. The game earned instant success when it was downloaded over 40 million times within the first four days of its release on Apple iOS, and is likely to be popular on the Google Play store as well.