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Your Android Lock Screen Can be Hacked with a Long Password

Android phones can potentially be hacked right from the home screen. Click here to learn more about the issue and how to protect your phone.

The Android PIN provides a layer of security so hackers and thieves will have a harder time breaking into your device. However, these lockscreens have had some issues as of late in terms of security. Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have exposed this vulnerability.

The hack involves entering a long string of text while the camera is open on the phone. This long screen of text overloads the phone and causes the system to crash, which results in the unlocking of the phone’s lockscreen. The hack is usually executed by users entering long strings of random texts into their phone. They proceed to copy and paste the string into the unlock screen. This repetitive copying causes the phone to quickly overload and crash.

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This security breach enables hackers to get full access to the device. As a result, they can access your private files and install malware into your device. This affects users who have the operating system Lollipop 5.0 and above.

As a result, it might be a good idea to utilize other security measures for your unlock screen. For example, you could use the finger swipe, retinal scanners, or the fingerprint detectors to unlock your phone. You can also add second lock screens to important apps with PSafe Total’s Applock feature.

Is My Android Doomed?

With PSafe Total, your Android device is safe and sound. PSafe Total contains a number of features that help optimize the security of your phone. For instance, Advanced Protection is a function within PSafe Total that allows PSafe to protect your device from third-party uninstalls in case of loss or theft. This maximizes the privacy of your photos, messages, and personal data.

Moreover, the AV Scan will check for any threats on your smartphone, including searching through all files and programs that are in your device’s memory and SD card. Lastly, the Anti-theft feature enables PSafe Total to track, block, locate, and even erase all of your data remotely in case of loss or theft.

These are just a few of the examples of the features encapsulated in the PSafe Total app. Download it for free on your Android today!