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Android Users Need to Remove These Five Apps Now

Not all apps are created the same. Find out which apps you need to immediately purge from your device, and why. Learn more now.

Some applications on your phone could be significantly hindering your device’s performance. While some applications are infested with malware, others simply just take up too much space or slow down your device. Here are five types of apps that you need to get rid of.

Quickly Locate Battery-Hogging Apps

DFNDR’s App Manager allows you to remove applications that you do not want to keep on your device. It uninstalls any useless applications that you have, in just one screen, with just one click of a button. This instantly frees up space on your device for new photos, videos, and apps. Click here to manage and remove unwanted apps:

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RAM-Saving Apps

Installing supposed “RAM-saving apps” is not an efficient way for you to conserve RAM. In fact, it could do just the opposite. The idea of these applications is to kill background applications to preserve RAM. However, upon killing the application’s function, the application just reboots. So this is a useless process, and it can make your phone run slowly. Lastly, because your Android already manages background RAM, it simply isn’t worth your time to install these applications.

Cleaning Applications

Similar to RAM saving apps, cleaning applications kill the functions of running apps in order to optimize phone performance. However, the ability to do this is already intrinsically on your phone. Go to settings > storage > cached data > clear cached data prompt > OK. Easy as pie. Don’t bother installing these useless apps that could be malware-infested.

Anti-virus Applications

If you strictly shop for applications in the Play store, these applications are completely useless. Your phone already has the ability to hunt down and identify viruses and malware when installing an application. However, if you download applications outside of the Play store, then these can actually be useful.

Battery Savers

These simply don’t work. You have to take it upon yourself to save your battery. Monitor your phone’s brightness, manage background applications, and refrain from using it frequently — these three steps are the best you can do to save your battery. Applications in the Play store do not have the capabilities or permissions to aptly improve your battery life.

Pre-Installed Applications

It would be incredibly surprising if you used all of your pre-installed applications. It is worth taking a look at these and seeing which ones you use. For instance, several phones come with pre-installed games that you never touch. These waste storage, so it’s worth taking a look and erasing these to free up space.