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Which Apps Affect Your Android’s Performance the Most?

You may have noticed your Android's performance slowing down after opening multiple apps or tabs. Find out which tasks slow your phone down the most.

Think of all of the games, videos, photos, web pages, and apps that you have on your phone. Your Android can handle a lot, but letting these tasks run in the background of your phone can affect your phone’s performance considerably. If you’ve ever snapped a photo and forgotten to manually close your camera afterwards, you may have noticed that the app is still active and taking up valuable power on your phone’s processor. Luckily, there’s an easy way to take control of your background tasks. Click here to use Floating Window to monitor and improve your phone’s performance:

The Floating Window feature makes it simple to keep track of which tasks are affecting your Android’s performance by displaying how much of your phone’s memory is currently being used. Additionally, Floating Window offers a “clean” feature that closes all unneeded tasks with just one click. Make sure to continually “clean” your phone with Floating Window if you notice its performance slowing down. Doing so will ensure a seamless, optimized Android experience.

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To enable Floating Window, open your DFNDR app and tap the menu icon. Select “settings,” then click “Floating Window.” Slide the slider to the right to enable “Floating Window.” This function only needs to be enabled once. Once you turn it on, it’ll run and assess your phone’s performance automatically.

Why Your Phone’s Processor Matters

But what is a processor? Processors are, essentially, the “heart” of your phone. They are full-fledged computers that power the device by executing commands such as displaying GPS directions. The “core” of the processor is essentially the “boss” of the operation: it reads and gives out the instructions.

How does this affect your phone? Well, think of it as juggling; the more pins you have to juggle, the harder they become to manage. When you forget to close tasks on your Android, they add up and make it difficult for the processor’s core to give instructions, potentially causing your phone to crash.

Disable Apps that Slow Your Phone

You may have noticed that certain apps will affect your phone’s performance more than others. These apps may slow your phone because they were poorly designed by the app developer, or because they are demanding, high quality apps. Some of the apps that may slow your phone the most include social networking apps and gaming apps. Make sure to use Floating Window to monitor how these apps affect your phone’s performance, and to close any apps once you are done using them.