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Which Apps Slow Down Your Smartphone the Most?

Some apps slow down your phone more than others. Keep your phone moving fast by putting an end to data-greedy apps you’re no longer using.

It isn’t just about how you use your phone, but also what you use on it. You may have noticed that different apps have different effects on battery life, and the same is true of phone speed. Some apps are just more efficient than others; this may be due to how the developer designed the app, or because you use the app so frequently that it collects an enormous amount of data. You should, of course, always delete the apps and content you aren’t using. Click here to quickly evaluate the apps on your device and remove any unwanted apps with App Manager:

Sure, you probably know that big apps like games, browsers with a seemingly endless amount of tabs open, and social networking apps are causing your phone’s poor performance. But what about when all of the obvious contenders are out of the way and your phone is still not performing correctly? Or, what about if you don’t want to have to worry about all of this and just get on with using your phone?

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You know the feeling: you’ve been blasting some tunes on your commute home or switching rapidly between your browser, Instagram, and text messages, when all of the sudden the “switching” becomes anything but rapid. These are some of the most frustrating moments of being a smartphone user today. After all, aren’t multitasking and speed what counts in this day and age of technology?

Turns out, what’s often slowing our phones down is what we don’t realize is happening in the background. With all that quick app-hopping, we don’t often recognize that we’ve left apps open or that some apps sneakily still use data even when we’ve moved on. The Accelerate Internet feature is designed to speed up your Internet by closing apps that are running in the background of your phone. These apps can take up too many resources, and cause your phone to slow down — without you even knowing it. Click here to speed up your Internet and close background apps now:

DFNDR helps your phone run more smoothly by taking out the guesswork for you and using its own intelligence to keep your smartphone smart. Multitasking is tough enough without having to be limited by your technology, so it goes without saying that every little bit helps. If you have the chance to improve your phone’s performance, wouldn’t you do so?