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How to Avoid Malware and Browse the Web Safely

Always be on the lookout for viruses that can destroy your Android phone, and expose your data to hackers

When online, it’s important to stay vigilant, and up-to-date on the best methods for protecting your phone from viruses and malware. Accidentally downloading malware can leave your information vulnerable to theft, and can put your Android phone, and even your identity at risk. Here are tips you should always follow to keep your device safe:

Be Careful What You Click

Viruses often begin with malicious pop-up ads that install malware onto your Android. Avoid clicking any suspicious pop-up ads, or offers to download unsolicited antivirus software. These types of ads are often home to unwanted spyware.


Don’t Do Anything Illegal

This may seem like an obvious piece of advice, but it is worth keeping in mind. File sharing sites that illegally torrent movies, video games, or software are often crawling with viruses, and malware. But of course, you shouldn’t be illegally downloading these files to begin with, right?


Keep Your Browser Up-to-Date

Using an outdated web browser lowers your device’s ability to fight off viruses. It is recommended you use Firefox, Chrome, or Opera as your default browsers. Avoid using Safari, Netscape, or Internet Explorer as these older browsers are often more vulnerable to today’s malware.


Check the Permissions

As you already know, any app you install on your Android phone will inevitably let you know the permissions it will require in order to function. Now, while it may request access to simple features, like your camera or the Internet, you should stay mindful of what’s truly necessary, and what’s not.


Stick to Reputable App Stores

When purchasing apps for your Android phone, stick to the Google Play Store, or the Amazon Appstore. These two online spaces are typically safe, and will provide apps you can be sure of. Generally, it’s best to avoid downloading apps from random locations on the Internet. For example, anything that offers loads of free apps that aren’t available elsewhere is probably too good to be true.