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Avoid Overcharging That Precious Phone

With the right software, charger, and charging method, you can easily optimize your device’s battery life.

One of the biggest mistakes many people make with their phone is overcharging it, which can have dire consequences on battery life. While modern mobile devices are equipped with the ability to not overcharge or overheat, there is a downside to leaving your phone connected to your charger for too long. A good way to protect your phone from losing battery capacity is with dfndr performance’s total charge feature, which helps protect your battery life with one tap.

Here’s why overcharging your phone is a no-no and could have lasting negative effects.

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Avoid ‘Trickle Charges’
Most modern phones are equipped with lithium-ion batteries and charging capabilities that are more efficient than regular rechargeable batteries. This means that once they reach 100%, your charger will stop fueling your device. However, if you leave your phone charged overnight, it will lose bits of battery here and there, resulting in “trickle charges” that ensures your device stays at 100%.

Constantly charging your phone over the course of hours slowly reduces battery life capacity, so it’s wise to avoid this practice. Having a high voltage will stress the battery unnecessarily.

Other Smart Charging Practices
You also shouldn’t wait until your device reaches 0% to charge because that can harm the battery. To optimize battery life, wait until the battery is down to around 35% to 40% before charging. Also, consider replacing your phone every few years to avoid dealing with these issues. if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to buy a phone that frequently, the right charging practices can add mileage to your current phone.

Choose the Right Adapter and Charger
When shopping for a charger, you can learn a lot about how it will affect your phone based on the amp rating. The ideal rating is 5.0V->1A, which refers to how quickly your phone will charge; higher amp ratings charge faster, while lower ones charge slower. With a 1A charger, your phone will charge at the optimal speed to help keep your battery life strong in the long term.

Get Performance-Enhancing Software
Finally, the right app can ensure that your phone fires on all cylinders. With dfndr performance’s total charge feature, you’ll be notified when the charging process is complete and can unplug your phone. The feature also has a charger monitor screen that activates once you connect to a charger, letting you know how long a full charge will take.