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How to Backup Your Apps Easily with the Cloud

It’s simple to use the cloud to sync your apps among all your Android devices. Click here for your guide to backing up your apps.

One of the most convenient features of Android mobile devices is the ease with which apps can be synced in the cloud. With the cloud, you can align the apps across all of your devices. If you begin working on an email on your home PC, you can continue that email on your Android device from another location. If you don’t want to use a USB cable to transfer information between all of your devices, you can rely on cloud technology to keep your apps and files synced across devices and platforms.

The first step to seamlessly sync devices is to download all of your apps on each device. By doing this, you won’t need to replicate any information on multiple devices, and you won’t need to reconfigure the settings preferences for all your apps. With the cloud, all of these changes will sync automatically, saving you tons of time. Here is a guide to downloading apps across Android platforms.

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The first step is to click “Settings” on your Android device’s home page. Next, click the “Backup and Reset” button. You will need to enter your PIN to access this page. It will likely be the same number used to unlock your phone. Now find the “Backup My Data” and “Automatic Restore” options. Switch these both to the green “On” position. Next, locate the “Backup Account” button and click it. Once in the “Back Up Account” page, find your account’s email address and click it. Now hit the “Back” button to return to the main setting screen. From here, find the “Accounts” button and choose your account’s address from the list.

You can now choose which apps to sync wirelessly with the cloud. Click everything you want to be backed up, including contacts, apps, and documents. After deciding which apps to backup, you can close out of “Preferences.” It would be wise to check your cloud account online to make sure that everything was successfully backed up.

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