Why It’s a Bad Sign if Your Apps Keep Crashing

Crashing apps can be a pain, but they may be more than a simple annoyance. Find out more about this problem, and what you can do about it.

If the apps on your Android device start crashing again and again, it can be a frustrating experience. Besides that, though, it can actually be a bad sign surrounding your device as a whole. While apps crashing may not be all that much of an issue, it can be symptomatic of something larger at play. The first thing you should check for is whether you have a virus on your phone. Try to use the security scan feature in dfndr security to quickly check your phone for malware:


You May Have Too Many Apps Open at Once
If you aren’t good about closing out apps from time to time, it could mean trouble with how seamlessly your phone runs. While killing your apps isn’t something that you need to do all too often, leaving numerous apps running in the background of your phone — i.e., if they’re not being used but are still open and active — for an extended amount of time can cause problems. This ranges from draining your battery to causing those pesky app crashes.

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There May be an Issue With Your Software
Something more serious that may be at the root of your repeated app crashes is a problem with the software development of your phone. From time to time, updates to Android software may come out that then prove to operate in a suboptimal way with third-party applications. This means that bugs — such as repeated app crashes — can occur, causing frustration and prohibiting you from using your device the way it’s intended to be used. When you notice these performance problems, report the issue and make sure that you’re completing additional software updates that come out, as they could have useful bug fixes.

It May Be a Data Issue
If you don’t have a lot of extra storage space left on your phone, this could be the culprit behind app crashing, too. If you’re experiencing this crashing, try looking at your available storage and making space if you don’t have much left. You are likely to find that this will help to resolve this issue quickly.

You want to make sure that these issues are not compromising the safety of your digital device and try to be aware when your phone acts sluggish because the last thing you want is to have an infected device!