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The Benefits of Dropbox for Your Android

Dropbox is always on your side whenever you need to retrieve a critical document on the go. Want to learn more about Dropbox? Keep reading.

Dropbox utilizes cloud storage to optimize the materials stored on your phone. It provides a storage space for all files on your phone. You can aggregate all of your saved materials onto this app for safe keeping. Dropbox offers a “freemium” payment plan, where customers can use the product free up to 2GB, and then they have to pay to keep using.

Convenience for Accessing Files
Dropbox offers convenient access for all of your files. You can include sub-folders within Dropbox if you wish to organize all of your materials. If your device crashes and is unrecoverable, you can rely on Dropbox to safely secure all of the precious files that you need for work or school. Plus, if you accidentally delete a file from Dropbox, you will still be able to recover it for the next 30 days.

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Storing Data
Storing data is not usually a problem for your desktop computer. While your phone might be a high-powered device, it probably does not hold the same amount of storage that your computer does. Dropbox makes this inconvenience completely antiquated. If your device is running low on storage, you can simply move your storage to the Dropbox, your device’s storage will be freed, and your phone will likely perform much more quickly.

Sharing is Caring
Dropbox makes sharing your materials a breeze. While it can take an eternity to share a file via email or social media, Dropbox offers a quick and efficient way for you to share your saved files and materials.

The search function is extremely quick. If you search for files on your phone, it will likely take forever for your phone to scurry through all of its data for your file. Because your Dropbox operates from the cloud, the searching operates at a much faster speed.

Save Online Materials Offline
No data? No problem. Save your favorite online materials to your Dropbox to view at your pleasure while you’re offline. You can save tweets, web pages, and other materials if you are running low on data and want to view the page offline.

If there is top-secret information on your phone, you can easily save it to your Dropbox and enable the password function. This will require the user to enter a password each time they log in.