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Best Android Apps for Commuters and Travelers

Don’t go crazy during your commute or travels. You can make these activities easier with these simple (and free!) Android apps.

The acts of commuting and traveling can be less than thrilling. There’s a lot of navigating (and it’s often a little bit of a hassle), and it can certainly be monotonous and boring, too. To help you improve the efficiency and enjoyment of your commute overall, check out the following list of the best apps to download. They’re easy to use, effective, and convenient. That’s what you might call a perfect trifecta!

Waze is a Google-owned navigation app that receives its information via crowd-sourcing. It’s especially useful during commuting hours, as it uses real-time intel from app users to alert others about traffic, road issues, and other travel issues that you’ll want to avoid. No one ever wants to be stuck in traffic on their way to or from work or when they’re traveling for fun, and this app helps ensure traffic doesn’t get in the way. Download this app if you want to get through your commute as quickly as possible each and every day.

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This is the perfect app for those who are traveling by foot, offering bus, train, and cab options to help you sleuth around a city more easily. This app is smart, since it automatically factors in things like construction delays or accidents. For those that need some motivation to stay in shape, this app will tell you how many calories you would burn if you traveled by foot or on a bike. Another great feature is that the app lets you save frequently traveled to destinations to ensure it’s easy to use this app all the time.

Commuting and traveling can be stressful. To help you stay centered, try using this free Android app to perform guided meditation. This app makes it easy to meditate and relax, even if you’ve never tried the practice before. It takes as little as ten minutes to have an effect, so it’s easy to do during your commute to make it a more beneficial use of your time. Use your bus or train ride to exercise your mind and your whole day will be better for it!

These three apps make it easier to get around and make your commute better all-around, whether you’re traveling as a part of your day-to-day routine or if you’re on a special trip. Harness the power of technology by using your Android to use these easy-to-use apps and make each day smoother and more enjoyable.