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The Best Android Apps for Your Inner Runner

With tons of running apps out there to engage your inner marathoner, it's hard to pick which one is right for you. Here are a few that stand above the rest.

Some people love to run, and will run every day if they can. Some people grudgingly go for a run just to stay in shape. Some people don’t run at all, but want to start. No matter which category you fall under, using these apps can make the running experience more enjoyable and fun.

Zombies, Run!
For those of us who need a little more motivation to get going, Zombies, Run! is the running app to get your heart racing. Using immersive audio, your daily run becomes a zombie adventure where you’re the hero of the human race. The game works at any speed, and you get the first four missions for free, plus one extra mission each week. By upgrading to pro, you unlock all 200+ story missions for $3.99/month. You can also create custom playlists that will be integrated into the game, and the app gives detailed stats about your run and progress. The only problem is that you need an Android 4.0 or above.

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Nike + Run Club
This free app uses MotionX® to combine your phone’s GPS and accelerometer to give you accurate tracking of your distance, pace and time, and gives you in-audio feedback on your progress. It also has a competition feature, where you can challenge friends for the top spots on the leaderboard. The app also serves as your digital coach, equipped with a training program and daily workouts to get you into running shape for a 5K, or just in shape. With Nike being a major sports company, this advice is probably spot on.

Like the Nike app, Runkeeper tracks your run and progress, and also comes with training programs. Yet, this app allows you to create custom challenges with friends, track each other’s progress, and comes with a chat room to cheer each other on. It also allows you to integrate your Spotify playlists and connects you to other health apps like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and more. Another key feature is that the app also saves, discovers, and builds new running routes, so you can either change it up or keep it exactly the same.

Strava Running and Cycling GPS
What makes this app special is that besides tracking your distance, pace, and speed, it also tracks elevation gained and calories burned. You can also participate in personal challenges every month, and the app breaks down your run into segments, so you can see how you did during sub-sections. The app utilizes social media, allowing you to share your activity details and photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Strava pairs well with almost all GPS running watches and activity trackers, heart rate monitors, and Android Wear 2.0 watches.