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The Best Android Wear Games to Play This Month

Did you know that you can play a variety of games on your Android Wear device? Find out which games are dominating the market this month.

You can play games on just about every device these days — computers, smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches, among others. While you can play some simple games on your smartwatch, you may want a more impressive gaming experience on your smartphone now and then.

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Android Wear has become a trendy way to tell time — and kill time, by evolving into a watch that also allows you to play games. Here are a few of the games that people are raving over this month.


Tilt is an interactive game that requires you to utilize your Android device’s camera. Specifically, you activate the game, and must point your camera down to your watch. On your camera, you will see a virtual ball on your watch which is serving as a platform. The game requires you to balance the ball as long as possible without it falling off of your wrist. While it wastes loads of battery power on both devices, it is an excellent way to sharpen your hand-eye coordination.

2048 for Android Wear

2048 is an interesting mathematical game that requires you to combine like numbers until you reach 2048. For example, if you have two 2’s, you can combine them to make a 4. You must then find another 4 on the grid, and combine them to make an 8. This continues until you reach 2048, and then you can keep playing beyond your victory. Blocks containing other numbers make it harder to find two like numbers to combine. Run out of combinations, and you must start over.


This live interactive game requires you to travel to different landmarks in your city and maintain their possession. You lose possession of these landmarks when someone else comes and captures your territory. These territories are known as “portals,” and there are opposing teams that will try and sabotage your portals.