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These Are the Best Apps for Boosting Productivity

A phone can be an incredibly useful tool, or else a constant distraction. It is up to you to make sure it remains the former.

Having the entire Internet in your pocket for every hour of every day can be extremely useful, especially when you need to keep working while you’re on the go, or if you can’t remember the name of that actor or song. But it can also serve as a constant distraction, and you may find yourself on Facebook when you really need to concentrate. So, how do we turn our phones from a distraction into an ally? To get started, you’ll want to make sure that your phone is productive on its own — i.e., that it’s free of clutter. Click here to use Quick Cleanup to instantly remove junk files that are clogging up your phone:


Quick Cleanup will speed up your phone by removing temporary files, junk files, cache, and trash files that are taking up unnecessary space on your phone. Removing these files will allow your apps to perform to the best of their ability. Best of all, it only takes one click, giving you the time you need to get other valuable priorities done — such as being more productive in your daily life.

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Make a To-Do List
Before you can get things done, you need to decide what you want to get done. is perfect for this. This app is a to-do list maker; it allows you to put together to-do lists for today, tomorrow, or for the bigger things in life you’ll need to eventually get to. Keeping a to-do list is essential, and it is often satisfying to check off the tasks you complete. With so many things going on, it is important that you remind yourself of what you need to get done each day, because the easiest way to not get something done is to forget that it needs to be done at all. will send you notifications and reminders so your tasks aren’t forgotten.

How Do You Waste Your Time?
While your phone can sometimes distract you from the real world, there’s a way to flip that on its head. Download a life-tracking app from the Play store and you can, each day, find out where all of your time has gone. Assessing your life at the end of the day can be a valuable tool for moving forward. How much time do you spend traveling? Did you plan to spend only thirty minutes at a coffee shop or a bar and end up spending two hours? Looking at the data will allow you to plan for the future.