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The Best Apps for When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

There are days when you want to treat yourself by barely moving off your couch. Make your lazy day that much easier with these four apps.

We all let ourselves be lazy sometimes, but most of the time, we aren’t celebrating our slow-moving days. This all changes on August 10, when laziness finally gets the national celebration it deserves with National Lazy Day. But you don’t need a national holiday to spend a day in bed! Here are four of our favorite lazy apps that help you do as little as possible — and still get (at least a few) things done.


When you’re feeling lazy, performing basic household chores can seem like way too much effort. That’s where Handy comes in, well, handy. The app lets you book gardeners, cleaners, handymen, plumbers — the list goes on and on. Handy screens professionals for you, lets you book your appointment, and gives you a way to tip your pro — all from your phone.

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Push for Pizza

While other delivery apps are for semi-motivated people, Push for Pizza is definitely for the lazy brethren. The only thing it does is order you a pizza. The first time you use it, you create a profile that links to your closest pizza place. Then you choose your toppings and add a tip for your delivery driver. That’s it. Your pizza is on its way.


Is texting too much effort? If the answer is yes, Yo might be the app for you. Yo lets you send a “yo” to family and friends. Instead of writing an actual message, you just click a button that sends a “yo” to any one of your phone contacts. Your friend will get a notification that someone said “yo” to them, and then they can send back a “yo” to you.


If you’re actually trying to go somewhere, one of the worst things you have to do is park your car. Don’t worry. Luxe will send a valet to do it for you. Just click where you want to go, and a mobile valet will pick up your car, park it, and bring it back to you whenever you’re done.

The last thing you want to do on your lazy day is, well, anything. Make sure you don’t have to spend your time battling viruses by downloading PSafe Total. PSafe’s Anti-virus feature scans your SD card and phone files 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep your phone safe from online threats. You don’t even have a lazy person’s excuse not to download it.