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The Best Apps for Finding Events in Your City

It can be overwhelming to keep track of all the possibilities in your city. Never fear, though: one of these apps can help cut through the clutter.

Sometimes you want to use your phone to stream your favorite events from the comfort of your own home. But other times, you want to find out what’s happening in your community and really get yourself into the middle of things. Whether you live in a big city with thousands of events happening every day, or a small town with just a few events per week, one of these three apps can be your ticket to a great day out or a happening evening in your town.

Remember: it’s a smart idea to keep your phone protected whenever you download a new app or game. Be cautious of any suspicious-looking apps, such as apps with few downloads, off-looking descriptions or photos, or few reviews. Click here to check your device for malware after downloading a new app:

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Still, if you want to add an extra layer of protection to keep people out of your apps, an app password gives you that added security. Click here to lock your apps with a password:

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Here are the best apps to help you find events:

  1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is unique because it lets you find events that are happening around your area at any time: the current day, the current week, or the current moment. It lets you sort by the kind of event you want to attend. Then the app will find events for you, let you bookmark interesting events, and see if your friends are planning to attend. Additionally, Eventbrite lets you buy tickets for events with Android Pay so you aren’t struggling with physical tickets at the door.

2. LocalMind

This app is designed to connect people who are already attending an event with those who are thinking about attending. By asking attendees to check in to events-in-progress, LocalMind then lets users ask these attendees questions about the events, such as the prices or the vibe of the event. The app also connects users to experts if you are going somewhere new and want to know if an event is worth attending.

3. Gravy

Some days you feel like attending a big party while other times you’re more in the mood for a laid-back coffeehouse concert. That’s the idea of Gravy: it lets you search for events based on your current mood. The app allows you to search categories like “classy” and “lively,” and it will give you location-based ideas within walking distance or in a larger radius. Gravy is a popular free app that has four stars in the Google Play store.