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Best Apps for New Parents

Being a new parent is as tough as it is exciting, so take advantage of these easy-to-use apps to make it just a little bit easier!

While being a new parent is an exciting journey filled with love, joy, and adoration, it’s also an overwhelming, scary, and challenging time, too. Thankfully, new moms and dads can take advantage of technology to make it a bit easier to get through each day, to answer questions, and to gain a better understanding of how to provide the best possible care for their offspring.

Use all of these Android apps and more to make parenting a little bit easier, and to ensure that you get your baby into a great routine in no time. These apps will help you with all of those middle of the night questions and help you to stay organized during a very hectic time. Check out some of the best Android apps for new parents below.

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Baby MedBasics
The most important thing is your baby’s safety. When you’re a new parent, it can be tough to diagnose the ailments or health issues of a newborn. This app makes it easier to diagnose issues, gives you potentially life-saving tips, and has a wide range of facts surrounding things like CPR and poison. This is a great app to have on hand in case of an emergency.

My Baby Today
This app can truly do it all. As new parents, it’s tough to find a good way to stay organized, but with the help of this app, it’s a breeze. Use My Baby Today to track your little one’s development. The app offers helpful information about your child’s health, happiness, and safety. It’ll also keep your baby’s appointments and milestones organized in one place.

Magic Sleep
Getting your baby to sleep well is undoubtedly one of the toughest things about coming home from the hospital. With the help of this app, your little angel will be sleeping more soundly, much to your relief. This sleep aid recreates sounds that your baby heard while inside the womb, which is very calming for a newborn. You set the length of sleep time on the app and stream it through speakers. You’ll be happily off to dreamland, soon!

Baby Feed Timer
Your baby needs great nutrition, so why not get an app that helps make that happen? Baby Feed Timer works to help you keep track of when you’ve fed your little one and when the next feeding is scheduled for. Additionally, it’ll help you to record how long each feeding lasted, the medium that was used to feed, pumping sessions, and more.