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The Best Apps to Use in the Great Outdoors

Nature is normally considered a place to unplug. But there are still some great apps out there that also allow users to make the most of their time outdoors.

If you want to get out of town on the weekends, or after work, to enjoy the great outdoors, there are actually apps that will make your time outside that much better, safer, and peaceful. Here, we review three of our favorite outdoor-focused apps for Android

AllTrails. Free.

This service provides information about over 50,000 North American hiking and biking trails. Listings include information about each trail, including maps, images, and user reviews. Additionally, you can contribute to the community by having an option to describe newfound trails, as well as posting your own reviews and images. One of this app’s best features allows you to save trails for future exploration, and offers navigation with driving directions — even off-road!

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Sky Map Free.

The night sky is your personal planetarium, and Sky Map for Android helps you identify exactly what you’re looking at. Using your phone’s compass or GPS, Sky Map helps you identify the stars, planets, and nebulae passing right above. Previously developed as Google Sky Map, Sky Map is now open source, and to use it you simply need enable your phone’s auto location finder so that the program knows exactly where you are. While the app can work without the Internet, it is easier to use where there is a connection, as GPS is necessary for the program to work.

Ultimate SAS Survival $5.99

If you happen to get lost in the wild, the SAS Survival Guide app will help assist you wherever you are. Previously a book, the SAS Survival Guide has recently been turned into an app for Android, complete with the full original text, as well as 16 downloadable videos. Some of the best features include survival checklists, a sun compass, and photo galleries that allow users to identify poisonous, edible, and medicinal plants.

Of course, speed is important when you’re in the fast-paced outdoors — especially if your survival is at stake! Running these apps can make your phone overheat, so give your phone a break by using PSafe Total. Its built-in CPU cooler will help your phone chill, while still working quickly to allow you to maximize your experience in the great outdoors.