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Best Apps to Use for Killing Time on Your Commute

People all around the world spends hours a day commuting — why not use that valuable time to educate and entertain yourself with an app?

Although every commute offers a unique snapshot of the world, chances are, eventually you will grow bored with the same old routine. Luckily, there are ways to disrupt the monotony of making the same commute every day, and the answer lies within your phone. There are a number of easy apps that can rejuvenate any commute after it has grown stale. Check out some of the best apps for a commute below.


Podcasts are all the rage right now, and rightly so. They are a great and entertaining way to kill time, and they’re educational, as well. Most podcasts are released on a weekly basis (some admittedly have more convoluted schedules), which gives you something to look forward to every week, and assures constant, new content.

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If you’re the type to binge, no problem. Some podcasts, like the recent and superb S-Town, have begun dropping all their episodes at once. Either way, podcasts will give you hours of enjoyment during your commute, and are one of the only safe apps to use if you’re driving to work. Be warned, though: most free podcasts want you to invest in a new mattress or Blue Apron.


The issue with podcasts is that they’re a little hands-off. Maybe you want something more active to do on your commute. If so, game apps are the answer. Although Chess is one of the world’s oldest games, it is believed that there are still variations of a Chess match that haven’t been played yet. Apps like lichess allow you to play against other humans or, if you’re stuck underground in the metro, against a computer. Threes!, like its less complicated cousin 2048, is less focused on competition — you only need to try to outdo yourself. Unlike 2048, Threes! tiles include adorable little faces.


An oldie, but a goodie: when all else fails, you can always surf Twitter. With a constant stream of content that you curate, it is always easy to find something to read or to watch. Find your favorite news sources and follow them; events happen swiftly in the modern world, and there is a great possibility that something may happen between leaving home and arriving at the office. “Wow” your friends and co-workers with your up-to-date knowledge. Or, if you want to relax and have a laugh, follow your favorite comedy website or late night talk show. They’ll post quick clips and articles you can browse on your way in, helping you begin your day with a smile.