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Here Are the Best Features of Google Home

Google will soon be releasing its own smart assistant for the home. Learn about all that Google Home offers, and how it compares to other models on the market.

As the number of smart objects in our home increases, we realize that we need one of the best possible devices to control them all. That’s where Google Home comes in. Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence technology, Google Home’s Google Assistant can truly help to manage every aspect of your life, from your daily schedule to the music you play to searching Google for an answer. Think of it as a combination of Google Now and Ok Google. That’s in addition to being a smart hub for controlling all of your smart devices. The good news: it will soon be available to purchase, and at an affordable rate of $130. Below are some of Google Home’s best features.

Google Assistant
By far one of Google Home’s best features is its intelligence. Unlike Amazon Echo, Google Home allows you to search Google, control your smart home, and manage your affairs through Google Assistant, the smartest assistant around. Google Assistant can learn your behaviors and preferences (like with Google Now), for a more pleasant and satisfying experience with the smart hub. Those are features that Amazon Echo simply can’t compete with.

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Google Assistant can manage your calendar’s events, online orders, travel itinerary, and all of your Google-related questions. Google Assistant understands what you want to know and can provide you with quick answers to your questions (from a Google search), in addition to information from any follow-up questions. It can even read you passages of text from a web page. Try asking it questions about monetary conversions, text translations, or even the schedule of a local movie theater.

Google Home As a Speaker
Google Home works as a Wi-Fi speaker for playing music. Connect your phone to play music from your phone, or ask Google Assistant to play music from services like Google Play Music, Spotify, or Pandora.

Google Home As a Smart Hub
Through Google Home, you can adjust the temperature of your home, change the lighting, and even manage other smart hubs in your home. Further, you can use Google Home to control your smart TV.

Enhanced Voice Recognition Software
Google Home will be able to understand your voice commands even when there’s background noise from music or a TV show.

Different Color Options
Google Home offers a variety of different colored speaker bases, in addition to different types of materials, to ensure that your device matches your tastes or home décor. Few smart hubs offer such customization options.