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Here Are the Best Google VR Apps for Android

Google’s new virtual reality headset, Google Daydream View, is an exciting way to experience VR.

Google recently released a new virtual reality headset, Google Daydream View. This headset features a comfortable and light design, in addition to being more affordable than other VR headsets at $79. Google’s Pixel smartphone is currently the only Daydream-ready phone, but more VR-capable phones are in development. Still, prepare yourself for the Daydream headset with the following VR apps, which are all available in the Play Store.

Netflix VR

This is one of the best video-streaming services available for Daydream. This app, essentially, allows you to have a home movie experience, no matter where you are. There are still some improvements that need to be made to the app — such as enabling offline viewing, adjustable screen resolution and distance, and the ability to change locations, among others — but for a movie-watching VR app in 2017, this is a great start.

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YouTube VR

This app allows you to view any YouTube video in virtual reality. It is similar to Netflix VR in that the app presents a 3D “world” that you can explore while watching videos in theater mode. This app is great for watching 360-degree videos; you’ll be able to act like you have a whole movie theater to yourself. It will completely change the way you watch YouTube videos.

Hello Mars

If you’ve ever wanted to experience Mars in VR, now is your chance. Now you can experience  a Mars landing, all thanks to the data that NASA has provided for the app. You can also learn about the various spacecrafts in an interactive showroom. This app is available for 99 cents from the Play Store.

Underworld Overlord

There are some incredible VR games available for Daydream; Underworld Overlord is one of those games. You can download it for $7.99 from the Play Store. The VR app features incredible graphics for a VR game. In the game, you’ll fight — using monsters and magic — to protect your dungeon from invaders.

Google Cardboard

If you want a cheaper way to experience VR, then buy a Google Cardboard headset and download the corresponding app. This app is available for free in the Play Store, and includes a variety of ways that you can interact with VR technology. The app boasts such experiences like exploring the world via Google Earth, taking a tour of Versailles, and checking out various artifacts, among others. If you’re more interested in the design process of VR apps, check out the educational Cardboard Design Lab app.