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Best Lock Screen Replacement Apps for Android

You can never have too much protection. You may want to consider these apps for extra security in case your phone gets lost or stolen.

Android cellphones carry a lot of personal information, from images to documents to apps. If you leave your phone at your desk, could someone just pick it up and dig into your personal files and apps? Don’t make it easy for them. Stop the snoops with the lockscreen Android apps listed below.

Best Android Lockscreen Apps

AppLock – Fingerprint

There are more than 20 million downloads behind this app. Keep your phone on lockdown and prevent nosy friends and family from taking a peek using a traditional password, a touch pattern, or even fingerprint identification. What’s more, this app will even take a picture of the intruder so that you can see exactly who was trying to get in.

Next Lock Screen

It’s one part lockscreen and one part productivity. This app combines work and play with a sleek lockscreen that features your favorite apps with the built-in app launcher. Check the weather, upcoming events, and cycle through your latest music playlist from music apps Spotify, Audible, and Pandora.

Slide to Unlock Lock Screen

Did you switch to Android, but still miss the look of the iPhone OS styling? Install this app and you can have it back. Prevent accidental calls and texts with a lockscreen that looks great thanks to your choice of amazing HD wallpapers. Keep it simple with the Slide to Unlock Lock Screen app.

ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock Screen

This Android lock screen app prides itself on its beautiful interface. Users will enjoy a new wallpaper each day with an automatic HD wallpaper update. Conveniently access apps on the go with the quick launch apps available on the lockscreen. Experience a clean, smooth design with the ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock Screen.