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The Best Mind-Mapping Apps for Entrepreneurs

Mind-mapping apps help entrepreneurs and business owners keep their thoughts, goals, and ideas organized, but which one is best? Here are 4 of the top picks.

Mindmapping is a tried-and-true way to lay out ideas, brainstorm, plan, and organize your thoughts. If you’re an entrepreneur, the idea of your ideas and plans getting into the wrong hands is disturbing. Lock up the intellectual property contained in your mind-mapping app with Applock. Applock lets you create a backup password to keep prying eyes from your sensitive info. Secure your apps now:

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Here are the best mind-mapping apps for entrepreneurs and innovators.


Minimalists will love mindly for its simplicity. A clean, orbit-style interface keeps things from seeming cluttered on-screen. For those entrepreneurs who insist on an organized workspace and on streamlining their processes, Mindly is simply perfect.

Mind Vector

If you like options, you’ll get them with Mind Vector. Color coding and sample maps are just a couple of the things offered by Mind Vector that you won’t find in many similar apps. If your entrepreneurial brain is always going a mile-a-minute, this might be the mind-mapping app to help get all those thoughts in order.


Some people still feel more comfortable writing things down on paper. Of course, using up all that paper is pretty wasteful and it’s easy to misplace something you jotted down on a notepad. MindBoard creates a nice balance between this hands-on approach and more modern methods. Using this app, you can “draw” your own maps freehand using your fingers.


If you do a lot of collaborating when it comes to brainstorming and planning, you might want to give Mindomo a try. You can share maps across several platforms, and even see who made what changes and when. This can help keep group maps organized and on-topic. You can also bookmark content in one map for quick access in case you want to add it to a future map.

Keep in mind that the free versions of these apps may contain ad content and will likely be fairly limited. For instance, Mind Vector limits the amount of nodes you can have in a map as well as the amount of maps you can save until you upgrade. It’s recommended to spring for the paid version of your favorite mind-mapping app once you’ve tried the free version and determined it’s the right fit for you. This is especially important if you’re using it for business purposes.