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The Best “Night Mode” Apps to Use at Night

Night mode helps you use your Android device without keeping you wide awake late at night. Here are four of our favorite apps to use in night mode.

We’ve all been there. Another sleepless night after too many hours watching content on a smartphone. The bright light of a phone can mimic the look of a sunny day, meaning that your body will think you should still be awake. While Twitter recently introduced a night mode feature, you probably want to use night mode across all of your phone’s features. Here are four apps that help you do that.

Night Mode
Night Mode lowers the brightness of your screen lower than is possible with its default settings. What the app does is put an overlay filter over the screen that serves as a dimmer so you can look at the screen for longer without issue. Additionally, the app disables the backlight from hardware or soft buttons.

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Night Screen
Like Night Mode, Night Screen reduces your screen’s brightness. It also lays a dimmer screen over your phone. The app sets Android’s default brightness settings to the lowest they can go, turns on a blue light filter for better sleep, and dims the transparent navigation bar in some versions of Android.

Midnight also lowers your screen brightness below default levels to reduce eyestrain and save your battery. Additionally, you can change the color of the filter screen to fit your personal preferences, and the app’s automatic mode starts or stops the filter screen based on the brightness of the surrounding area. The app also gives you automatic controls so you don’t always have to be switching apps around to use it.

Twilight is designed to make your sleep better if you use on-screen devices before you fall asleep at night. The Twilight app filters blue light — the kind of light emitted by your device after sunset — and protects your eyes with a red filter. The filter’s intensity is adjusted based on the time the sun rises and sets where you live.

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