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The Best Photo Storage Apps for Your Device

The Best Photo Storage Apps for Your Device

We know you have way too many photos stored on your phone. But a cloud storage app for photos can clear out your storage and speed up your device.

Photos and videos can suck up huge amounts of your storage space, leaving you without enough room for new apps. Limited storage space makes your entire system slow to a crawl. Luckily, there are plenty of cloud apps that let you store your photos away from your phone, freeing up extra room on your device. Here are three of our favorites.

Amazon Photos
With this app, you’ll have unlimited space to store your photos. This app also offers a feature that lets you automatically sync your photos to your Amazon Cloud drive. The app works really well unless you try and download a larger image, at which time the Cloud drive will automatically make the picture smaller. Although, most phone cameras capture smaller images, some Android cameras can capture large megapixel pictures, so this might not be the app for you. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, the Cloud Drive Photos is free to use. If you’re not, you can buy the app and cloud storage for $11.99 per year.

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Google Photos
Google Photos is an editing app that helps you store and sort your photos on cloud storage. Although the app is already the default photo editing app on most Android phones, it’s also a good app to store and edit your photos. In addition to offering cloud sorting and automatic sync, the free Google Photos app lets you work with automatic editing features and search your photos using an image analysis.

The mobile app paired with the popular photo sharing community Flickr works so well because you can set it to automatically upload your photos in bulk. Flickr gives you tons of free cloud storage, too — 1TB to be exact, which stores more than 300,000 average-sized photos. To scroll through and share your photos, Flickr has the technology down pat. While the phone uploader is free, you’ll have to pay $5.99 per month to use the uploader for desktops. One problem with Flickr, however, is that it won’t accept RAW files. Plus, Yahoo doesn’t always provide excellent customer service to Flickr users.

Want to make sure you’re using your phone’s memory to its utmost efficiency? Download PSafe Total. PSafe’s Memory Booster feature clears out unneeded clutter from your phone’s memory and storage. With PSafe, you can also optimize your data usage, which also speeds up your phone.