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The Best Positive Vibes Apps for Android

You already knew that you can use your phone to make your life better. You might not know that you can even improve your mood with these three apps for Android.

Sometimes, life can get you down. During your daily routine, you become stressed, anxious, unhappy — just negative. But, like for so many of modern life’s problems, there’s an app to fix your blues. Or, in this case, apps. Here, we’ll tell you about three apps guaranteed to turn your frown upside down.


Happier is designed to help you record all of the positive moments in your life. The idea behind Happier is that if you focus on a few positive moment in your life, you’ll be more positive all the time. To use it, you write down a moment in your life, accompanied by the mood you felt at the time you had that moment. For example, you might list as walking a neighbor’s dog as giving you “gratitude” or eating a home-cooked meal as being a “good decision.” You can also share your moments and “smile” at others responses.

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Happify helps you control your negative mood swings by giving you access to tools that help you brighten your mood. Whatever is bringing you down, Happify helps modify your unhappiness by delivering mindfulness programs, cognitive behavioral therapy, and even career advice to make you feel better about your life. Over 85% of Happify users say the program helped them improve their outlook on life after two months of using the app. Happify packages start at $4.99 a month.

Happy Habits: Choose Happiness

Like Happify, Happy Habits uses cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques to help you make your life more positive. The app gives you lots of ways to change your life, including a rewards program that gives you cash rewards for making happiness-inducing changes. First, Happy Habits has you take a Happiness Assessment so you can figure out which elements of your life are getting you down. A journal and to-do list also help you keep track of moments in your life that made you feel good, while different articles and audio recordings give you techniques to improve your mood.