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The Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android

The Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android

Everyone knows that Virtual Reality is the next best thing. Stay ahead of the technological curve with these awesome apps for Android device.

With Google Cardboard, Virtual Reality has become accessible to everyone. After you get your cardboard, there are endless possibilities to customize your personal reality. Out of all those amazing options we’ve gathered the best apps to maximize your VR experience.

Ever wonder what it’s like behind Saturday Night Live’s set or front stage at a U2 concert? Within gives its users the chance to find out. The app contains a collection of short films, music videos, comedies, and documentaries. The content is top notch and is produced by big names like Vice, Saturday Night Live, and The New York Times. No fear if your Google Cardboard hasn’t come in yet, you can use the app directly on your phone to get close to the action.

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This one if for all those Temple Runner fans or just those of us who love obstacle courses. The object of the game: collect all of the glowing crystals. How? By navigating through the mazes and obstacles with your eyes. In BAMF, the only means of transportation is teleportation. To do so, the user just has to look at where they want to go. It’s recommended that players stand up or sit in a swivel chair as the game requires the user to be able to move 360 degrees at all times. Happy Teleporting!

Fulldive VR
Fulldive offers a virtual experience like never before. The app allows its users to watch any Youtube video in 3D. In addition, you are able to experience any photos or videos saved on your phone as a virtual reality. That recording of your band playing your favorite song now can be replayed in a never ending personal performance. It doesn’t stop there; the app is planning on unraveling new features in the upcoming months that will allow its users to watch Netflix, Hulu, or Roku in 3D. You’d be crazy to not become apart of this new, interactive viewing experience.

End Space VR
For galactic gamers, End Space is the app for you. The premise: save the universe. Using head based movement technology, you pilot your own fighter jet throughout space, defeating enemies. Seems simple enough, except there’s a twist. As you fight your way through, enemy waves become more difficult. The app comes with three different space environments as well as upgrades for your ship and weaponry. Make sure to pilot your jet either standing up or in a swivel chair, as your rivals will come at you from every direction.

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