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The Best Way To Read Comics On Your Phone

While nothing will ever replace the feeling of a glossy page of a comic in your hand, you can now enjoy comics on your smartphone as well.

Reading a comic book on your phone used to sound counterintuitive. Reading comics typically means being able to see and read a whole page or spread at once, which is something that a phone would not easily accommodate for its size. Well, Bubble Zoom has just made reading comics on your phone a whole lot easier. Introduced by Google Play Books for Android exclusively, this new feature makes for the best comic reading experience to date.

Bubble Zoom has the ability to detect speech and text bubbles by using the same image recognition technology that identifies objects in photos. It automatically enlarges each speech bubble you read when you tap it. Navigate by pressing the volume up and down buttons or tapping on the right to move between bubbles. It is simple and easy enough for anyone to use.

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Google Play added the vertical scrolling feature to digital comics last year. Taking it a step further, Bubble Zoom improves text readability — without sacrificing the full-page experience or interrupting the flow of a page. You can even read one-handed. There is no more constant fumbling around, zooming in and panning with your fingers, or straining your eyes to read text. Losing your place on a page, or losing track of a storyline.

Currently Bubble Zoom is available for Marvel and DC titles in English. However, Google Play has plans in store to bring this feature to all comics and manga out there. This is certainly possible, seeing how Google has already digitized a vast amount of printed material in existence. Google’s powerful machine learning technology has the potential for many more exciting future developments. In the realm of comics, one question could be raised: to what extent can machine learning adapt to comics of different visual styles?

In short, the innovative and intuitive Bubble Zoom allows for a more user-friendly interface. When you stay up-to-date with new features on your Android, don’t forget to keep your Android itself in tip-top condition. PSafe Total guarantees you a powerhouse of a phone, offering both software optimization features and operating system protection to keep your Android running smoothly.

Can you think of any other features to bring to digital comics that would make the reading experience even better? Have you given Bubble Zoom a test run? Share your ideas by commenting down below!