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Best Word Processing Apps for Your Android

In 2017, excellent office software doesn't only live inside your laptop. Find out the top word processing apps available in the Play store.

Being an employee in today’s professional world means you often have to take your work on the go with you. Whether you’re editing a document during your morning commute, or adding to a powerpoint presentation at home, you need a top-ranked word processor for getting the job done. The good news is that incredible office applications now exist for your Android device. However, to ensure that these apps work well, you’ll want to make sure that background apps aren’t slowing down the performance of your word processing apps. Click here to use Memory Booster to close background apps:

Carrying your work computer everywhere is often inconvenient. It’s bulky, heavy, and less versatile than you might’ve hoped. That’s why you should download a word processing app on your phone or tablet, to help you get some work done while on-the-go. Below you’ll find a list of the best word processing apps for you. All of these apps allow you to open, modify, and create documents with ease.

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Google Docs

When it comes to word processing apps, Google Docs is considered a tried and true classic. If you’re comfortable using Google Docs’ computer version, you’ll have no trouble adjusting to its Android sibling for making, opening, and editing documents. Ideally, Google Docs should be downloaded with its peers: Google Drive (storage), Google Slides (powerpoint), and Google Sheets (spreadsheets). These apps also have the added benefit of being 100% free.

Microsoft Office

If you love using Microsoft Office on your computer, then the Android version is likely a good fit for you. No learning is required here. Its original interface has been streamlined to include only the key features, but it is essentially the same as using Word, Powerpoint, and Excel on a laptop. The basic version of the Microsoft Office app is free, unless you want a more advanced edition.

OfficeSuite Pro + PDF

OfficeSuite Pro + PDF is one of the most user-friendly apps on the market. This word processor lets you do almost anything, except create a powerpoint. (You still can open *.ppt files, however). Designed by MobiSystems, OfficeSuite lets you view, modify, and create new Microsoft and PDF documents. The best feature? When you transfer documents from your cell phone to a computer, they require no reformatting. The trial version is also free.

Polaris Office

Polaris Office is another great choice. This user-friendly app can easily open PDFs and Microsoft Office documents. Its appearance is extremely neat and free of distraction, so you can prepare efficiently for any big meeting. There are different templates available, and you can export documents you create as PDFs and memos. Polaris Office also hosts its own cloud dropbox, where you can store all of your saved documents.