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Is Buying a Faster Charger Really Worth It?

There are some great fast chargers on the market that are worth the hype. However, some chargers that claim to be fast can be too good to be true.

The charger that comes with your Android usually works pretty well. But if you’re looking for a second charger or a replacement, there are a lot of different options available. No matter which type of charger you use, you should always keep an eye on your phone when it’s charging in order to avoid overcharging your phone. Overcharging can weaken your phone’s battery and lead to your device overheating, which can then damage your battery and shorten its overall lifespan. Use the Total Charge feature to protect your device as it charges:

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Total Charge will monitor your phone’s charging process and alert you when it’s time to unplug your phone. That way, you’ll never have to worry about damaging your phone’s battery life. You’ll also be able to see the stage that your phone is in while charging so that you can gain some insight into your phone’s charging process.

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If you’re looking for a new charger, you may be tempted to buy a “fast” charger. While there are many reputable fast chargers on the market today, you should be cautious about purchasing a fast charger that seems “too good to be true.” Before purchasing a new charger, you should always take into account the reviews, the price, and the claims.

Not Worth it: Discount Fast Chargers

You should definitely avoid any discount chargers that claim to be fast-charging. Not only will they not live up to what they claim to do, but they’re likely to be more dangerous to use. These cheap chargers are more likely to overheat or spark, which can damage your phone or even cause a fire.

Worth it: Fast Chargers From Reputable Sources

Qualcomm’s quick chargers are among the best fast chargers on the market. Before purchasing a Quick Charge charger, you’ll need to make sure that your device is compatible. If your phone has one of the latest qualcomm processors, then it’s likely compatible with Quick Charge. Quick Charge chargers can charge your phone up to 80% in about 30-45 minutes, depending on the model that you have.

However, it should be noted that Google doesn’t support fast chargers. This is because fast chargers modify the voltages beyond the standard level for USB charging. That means that even if the fast charger is from a reputable source, it is far riskier to use than a standard charger. So, if you’re nervous about damaging your phone, it might be worth it to stick with a standard charger.